The most important thing a new author needs to know is that they need a good, independent editor.

You could have the best novel ever written, but if the spelling, grammar, punctuation and word usage is horrible your reviews and sales will be horrible.

We can help you find an editor. (After they finish proof reading our new website!)

Cover Design

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover.

The reality is people do judge books by their covers all the time. In fact, the first thing that will cause buyers to pass a title by is the cover is an amateurish cover.

We can help you build an excellent cover.  

Formatting Services

Just like the cover and edit, a poorly formatted book will make buyers pass over your listing on Amazon.

We can help you make sure your book is professionally formatted and looks great.


Our Services

Tannhauser Press will guide the emerging authors we work with to ensure their books are the best they can be. To that end we provide links to people, tools, technologies, information and methods.


If you have something we should add to our lists, please Email: info@tannhauserpress.com

One of the biggest issues for new authors is getting the word out about new titles.


We can help .



We are compiling a list of tools, methods and references that can help new authors along the way.   

Associate Program

The power of Tannhauser Press is the team of Associates. Everyone in the Program has the personal endorsement of the member authors.

Our Associates include Editors, Illustrators, Advisors, Beta Readers, and beer drinkers.

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